Sunday, March 04, 2012

What to do in 2012

Thanks to the V&A, the FTM and various other museums and galleries, there is never a shortage of places where you can remind yourself that fashion is more than just clothes. Worthy of an exhibition. Worthy of an auction . Worthy of a major event.

2012 has a few fantastic highlights lined up - even when ignoring LFW! Below just a selection of which ones I would like to attend - whether I can, will largely depend on work commitments and funds...

First up, there is Manolo Blahnik sharing his aesthetic genius at Bath in Fashion on 29th March. In a talk with Ian R. Webb, he'll share his views on fashion, his life story, his inspiration.  This is then followed by an autograph session.

As I live and work in/near Manchester, I am particularly excited about Manchester Fashion Week. From 9th to 14th of April designers will be showcasing their talent and I hope that this will help to continue put Manchester on the fashion map! Sign up now for updates.

More shoes? From 1st May to 9th July you can catch the Christian Louboutin Exhibition at the Design Museum. We are being promised a celebration of "Louboutin's career to date... twenty years of designs and inspiration".  I am particularly exited about the fact that we won't only get to see gorgeous creations on plinths but we'll be able to see behind the scenes, as the master's design process will be explored and revealed - basically from the first idea to production.

Want a look behind the scenes of another truly iconic design house? From 8th to 27th May, you can turn your attention to to another name that has lovers of leather goods all over the world swooning. The Royal Academy of Arts' Leather Forever Hermes exhibition will give a unique insight into the company's history, the goods they design, and into the process of how these iconic pieces are being crafted. Hermes is even bringing a number of their own craftspeople. Should you then wish to take away a "little" memento, you could splash out on one of the four unique bags designed by Hermes to celebrate the exhibition.

Got some spare cash? Fancy some really iconic pieces once worn by the (even more) iconic Daphne Guinness? Well, you're in luck. After having exhibited part of her personal dress collection at the Fashion Institute of Technology last September, she is now going to auction off 100 pieces at Christie's, with all proceeds going to the Isabella Blow Foundation. The auction itself is scheduled for 27th June but even if you can't possibly entertain the thought of forking out a ton for a piece of fashion art, do take advantage of the preview. The Daphne Guinness Collection will be open from 23rd to 27th June at Christie’s.

Towards the end of the year (never too early to plan) the V&A will be treating us to their Hollywood Costume exhibition. The exhibition will run from 20th October 2012 to 27th January 2013 and it is said to explore "the central role costume design plays in cinema storytelling" and will present us with more than 100 of the most iconic movie costumes from across a century of film-making. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? Tick. Indiana Jones? Tick Jack Sparrow. Tick. Darth Vader? (Not kidding!) Tick. Oh, and - of course - Holly Golightly. The very fact that Darth Vader's outfit will be featuring might mean that dragging your boyfriend to this one could be easier than you ever dared to dream.

So get your diary ready and plan in time for some serious inspiration!

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